Posted on 14-mag-2020

Dr Giovanni La Veglia, PsyD, English-speaking Licensed Therapist

by Dr. Giovanni La Veglia, Dr. Alice Fioretti, Dr. Sara Marcelli

The stages tools, just like in the famous "5 stages of grief" model of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, can help us identify what we may be feeling but they are not meant to help tuck messy emotions into neat packages. In fact, especially anxiety and anger could have been very intense from the beginning to the end of the lockdown:

1. The beginning: Denial and Fear.
2. Enjoying the safety and comfort of the Nest: Intimacy and Solidarity.
3. Reorganising space and time at home: new schedules, smart working, video calls, home workout, organising libraries and closets...
4. Anger: external enemies, frustration at home and aggressive experiences in relationships.
5. Preparing to restart: excitement, nostalgic feelings, anxiety of the Unknown.

An original collection of quotations and pictures integrated with psychological insights and defence mechanisms observed.

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